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Nonprofit Info
  • By signing up as a recipient of, you have agreed to the following:
      • Items listed on, have been (temporarily, virtually, conditionally, etc) gifted as an in-kind donation to your non-profit/charitable organization via online auction. 
      • Upon the sale of an item designated to your organization, the item sold will be substantiated as an in-kind donation to the Seller, where the money received from the sale price becomes the value
      • Unsold items, will never be taken into possession by the organization and possession will remain with the seller.

  • Our Mission
    iKokua’s mission is to transform the way people think about donating and effecting positive change in the world. We believe there are many opportunities for giving in our everyday lives. iKokua is committed to advancing personal philanthropy through its online platform, where goods are sold and the profits donated to charity. Through this convergence of community and technology, we achieve our deep commitment to helping others.